Features and extra services

All rooms are single (except for four double rooms for couples), tastefully decorated and fully furnished, some with en-suite. Each room has a call bell for emergencies, a wash basin, private telephone line if required, TV socket and door lock if required. Personal items and small pieces of furniture, photographs etc are encouraged to help create more familiar surroundings.

On the ground floor we have the reception area with the General Manager and the Quality Care Manager’s office, Senior Care Leader’s office, a large lounge and sun lounge area, dining room, a well equipped kitchen, laundry, hairdressing salon, single occupancy bedrooms, three fully equipped bathrooms, several toilets, two enclosed courtyard gardens – one with visitors conservatory with a kitchenette for relatives to make themselves a drink. There is an upstairs floor accessible by either a lift or a stairlift which has 12 larger bedrooms with ensuite toilets and bathroom.

There is also a separate Day Care Centre called ‘Pippin Place’

Short Term Care

Long Term Care

Specialist Care

For more information call us now on: 01507 472203 Send a Message

Hair Salon Services

We have our own hairdressing salon and a hairdresser visits once a week – more if necessary.

Chiropody Services

Our Chiropodist visits every 6 weeks or more if necessary.

Dental Services

We have a visiting dentist or we can arrange transport to take you

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy visits can be arranged.

Laundry and Cleaning

All is done on site by our team of House-keepers and domestics. For the laundry we use ‘System Sanitize’ which is a specialist ozone system to combat cross-infection.

Optician Services

We have a visiting optician or we can arrange transport to take you


Daily newspapers are delivered.

Event Organiser

We have an Activities Co-ordinator who organises activities, trips out and about, and visiting entertainment.

Visiting Times

Coronavirus and our updated Visiting Policy 

We understand how difficult the past few months have been for both our residents and their loved ones not being able to socialize with each other.

With this in mind we would like to welcome back the visiting of close family, friends and loved ones of our residents.

We have been working hard and now have a designated visitor courtyard garden, accessible from the car park. This courtyard also has a conservatory which is our designated visitor lounge.

Visits can only be for ½ hour duration at the moment to maintain fairness to all the families that now wish to visit. Please book your visiting slot with the home and ensure that you follow our visiting protocol regarding the wearing of PPE and social distancing. We will supply a basic mask but if you wish to wear a full see through visor then please bring your own. Also, until further notice unfortunately pets will not be allowed. Also, at present, regrettably we will not be able to offer you refreshments. Further details of our policy can be explained when you ring up to book your slot.

If you have shown any signs of illness within the last 14 days you must refrain from vising at this time.  The threat of the virus still remains and the safety and welfare of our frail and vulnerable residents and staff must remain our top priority at all times.

We continue to adhere to guidance and advice from Public Health so please ring beforehand if you are travelling far as circumstances can change very quickly.

Also please don’t forget that we offer ‘WhatsApp’ video facetime calls – again you need to ring the home first to let us know when you will be ringing.

We would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can within the infection control  protocols and constraints that we must abide by to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

With our very best wishes to you all – we look forward to seeing you again soon

Stay Safe

From Management and all the staff at Orchard House Care Home

New separate visitor lounge during Covid Pandemic